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We are looking to expand our team! [read more]
We are looking to expand our team! [read more]

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What started with a reporter who was somewhat interested in seeing the control systems installed in Vegas' newest luxury hotel, ARIA, evolved into this incredible story about how the vision of home au [read more]


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Our process is intended to encourage collaboration and to take advantage of the expertise of all involved parties, including the home owner, architect, interior designer, and subcontractors. This collaboration is intended to make your system as efficient, reliable and cost effective as possible.

Maestro’s policy of thorough design & engineering, collaboration & communication, and attention to detail through implementation & complete documentation is designed to improve the long-term performance of each system.

The following project work-flow should give customers and idea of what to expect when working with Maestro. This is the full description for larger projects; smaller projects will have an abbreviated version of this work flow.


  • Initial client meeting
  • Work with the client to create a vision of how their system should work & present the Program Requirements document for approval
  • Advise on decisions to create the general Scope of Work & budgetary estimate
  • Finalize the contract for their project


  • Develop working relationship with the client
  • Fine-tune the Scope of Work
  • Specify materials and equipment to be used
  • Focus estimate and costs for project
  • Create documentation for subsequent phases


After framing and before insulation: During this step it is very important that there is excellent communication between Maestro and the other subcontractors. It is important to have the full support of the client and builder/contractor to provide the best possible product that meets industry standards and best practices.

Finish & Termination

  • Speaker trim
  • Test all wiring
  • Trim & terminate the low voltage panel/rack
  • Terminate & finish outlets
  • Install keypads and lighting controls
  • Install TV mounts and rack mounts
  • Install speakers and dust covers

Note: Between pre-wire and installation if there are rack systems to be built tested, and programming to be prepared, this will take place off-site. This will shorten the time needed during installation.

Installation and Programming

This step does not begin until the building has been completed and cleaned, and furniture is either ready to be moved in or being moved in. It is very important the equipment is kept as clean as possible and free from dust.  Depending on the size of project, anywhere from one week to one month+ is necessary for this stage.

  • Install speaker grills
  • Install racks or equipment in cabinets
  • Install TV’s
  • Install touchscreens
  • Upload and finish programming

Testing and Calibration

  • System is fully tested and bugs removed
  • Audio and Video calibrations are performed per the contract. The client can be involved in the calibrations if interested.

Training and Tweaking

The Designer will give final approval that the system is completed and meets the agreed upon vision before it is powered on and turned over to the client. A meeting will then be scheduled to train the client on the use of the system, and explain the provided documentation. It is strongly suggested that the system be lived with and used for a period of time. There is a 30 day period from the final meeting during which any changes or “tweaks” can be requested and implemented, under the continued terms of the project contract.

Warranty and Service

The warranty period and/or service contract begins the day the final bill is presented.  Please click here for more information on our comprehensive warranties and maintenance agreements.