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We are looking to expand our team! [read more]
We are looking to expand our team! [read more]

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After unsuccessfully trying to get AV & technology credits through the LEED program, the InfoComm board of directors decided to take matters into its own hands. [read more]
What started with a reporter who was somewhat interested in seeing the control systems installed in Vegas' newest luxury hotel, ARIA, evolved into this incredible story about how the vision of home au [read more]


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As the user of any solution that Maestro installs, the customer is our most important partner. It is vital to design and implement a system that meets your needs. We recognize that timely, honest communication is critical to avoiding problems. If issues do arise during or after an installation, we appreciate customer feedback and make every effort to address and solve problems in a timely and reasonable manner.

Kitchen TV & Ceiling Speakers
Items to note:
TV on articulating mount and
color matched ceiling speakers 

Our process is intended to encourage collaboration and to take advantage of the expertise of all involved parties, including the home owner, architect, interior designer, and subcontractors.  Click here to learn more about our process, which is designed to make your system as efficient and cost effective as possible. Maestro prides itself on the level of customer service, professionalism, communication, attention to detail, and the reliability and serviceability of our solutions, as outlined below.

Local Customer Service

Maestro’s commitment to customer service is unparalleled. We are a Wood River Valley company with 3 local, fulltime CEDIA trained and certified technicians to help you whenever you require. This includes after hours/weekends on call per your Warranty and/or Maintenance Agreement contract. Over our 4+ years in business we have gathered testimonials and a list of references (available upon request) willing to share their experiences.

Reliable and Serviceable Systems

Our designs encompass the calculations and subsequent parts and pieces needed to provide the most reliable systems we can. Most importantly, this includes power requirements, power protection, and ventilation. To make systems more easily and efficiently serviceable, all wiring and equipment are neatly organized, labeled, and fully documented. In addition, equipment is specified where possible that is remotely accessible to allow us to proactively monitor, troubleshoot, and fix, problems that arise. The combination of these solutions will save you time, money, and frustration, over the life of your system.


Any system for which Maestro is responsible is fully documented and labeled. The documentation is the property of the system owner, kept onsite in a binder, with soft copies backed up on Maestro servers. This also applies to any system programming. Including these steps in our process increases “user-friendliness” for new users and helps increase the efficiency of any necessary troubleshooting or desired upgrades down the road, saving our clients money over the life of their system. Documentation includes:

  • Full schematics of all system and equipment connections
  • Architectural plans marked for low voltage wiring, audio, video, automation control locations, and lighting control devices
  • Schedules that list the location and wire names for all satellite, cable, phone, network, control, and audio/video wiring
  • Rack layout diagrams
  • Instructions for basic system use