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We are looking to expand our team! [read more]
We are looking to expand our team! [read more]

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After unsuccessfully trying to get AV & technology credits through the LEED program, the InfoComm board of directors decided to take matters into its own hands. [read more]
What started with a reporter who was somewhat interested in seeing the control systems installed in Vegas' newest luxury hotel, ARIA, evolved into this incredible story about how the vision of home au [read more]


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There are exciting new developments in the area of “green” technology solutions. Maestro is pleased to offer these solutions to our clients and to be on the forefront of decreasing home technologies’ ecological impact. Listed below are some of the options we offer to help reduce your energy footprint. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the comforts and amenities you want and your environmental ideals. We will help you minimize the impact of your home technologies by efficiently managing their usage. Please contact us for more information or for a consultation to discover the possibilities for your home.

Tree Huggin'

Controlling the systems in your home can help save energy, which will help your pocketbook and the environment. There are many opportunities to decrease energy usage in your home. They can be as simple as programming the automatic thermostats in your home to increase and decrease at time periods determined by you. Or they can be as intricate as programming the shades to go up and down, based on the amount of sun shining through the window and the outside temperature, while simultaneously adjusting individual heating and cooling zones based on whether or not someone is in the room.

Lighting control can be used in conjunction with energy efficient forms of lighting such as LEDs & CFLs to produce additional energy savings. Lights can be programmed to turn on as you walk around your home and turn off after a room is unoccupied for a certain amount of time.

Water sensors can be used to manage your irrigation systems so they don’t run when they don’t need to based on recent rainfall and other factors.

Even the audio and video systems in your home can be managed in such a way to minimize the impact they have on the energy usage in your home. With some specific programming to control how they behave while in use and while in standby, Maestro can dramatically reduce the amount of energy used by your media equipment.

The most comprehensive systems include real time and historical data displayed to you to actively monitor your energy usage. These systems can break down the usage of individual appliances and pieces of equipment and/or rooms in the home, as well as the total home energy usage, helping you manage your energy consumption and make choices based on actual data.

USGBC LogoThings we do to decrease our company's environmental footprint:

Maestro is a member of the US Green Building Council.  We are committed to not just talking about being "green" but to making consistent choices and actions that improve our own impact on the earth.  These include:

  • Choosing recycled paper and office products for our daily operations.
  • Re-using and recycling office paper.
  • Printing promotional material on recycled content paper.
  • Using digital workflow and office communication to the maximum extent possible to reduce paper use.
  • Recycling all cardboard from products for client projects.  We don't just recycle our own jobsite cardboard, but we'll often remove other cardboard from the dumpster to recycle!
  • Purchasing almost exclusively used furniture for our new office space and painting with zero-VOC paints.
  • Working with clients to reuse or recycle old computers and electronic equipment: We refurbish old computers that have solid parts (memory, etc) and donate them to local non-profits.  Anything that can't be reused is recycled through electronic recycling companies that comply with current guidelines for this type of waste, including properly handling and disposing of any hazardous materials, not shipping waste overseas to developing nations, recycling all raw materials possible, etc. 

We also choose to work with companies who demonstrate environmentally & socially conscious business practices, when available:

  • Energy star rated products
  • RoHS compliant products (Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive)
  • Companies that consciously decrease the packaging on their products